The Bouquet

A simple arrangement of various flowers used as a colouring book. The sequence shows the transformation of the bouquet and allows the viewer to shift time back and forth, giving the opportunity to study every single frame individually and experience the change of form and color in an interactive way.

“The bouquet” is part of the “Water studies” series, a project that explores the meaning and the function of the liquid form. To learn more about the project please visit www.klenyanszki.com

“The bouquet” is made possible with the support of the CBKR (Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam)

The Bouquet


My name is Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez and I am an experienced iOS Developer with a strong background in Art and Design.

My education in Graphic Design and New Media combined with over 15 years of experience in Software Development gives me a good overview and insight in the creation of Digital products.