Marcels' Memoria

Marcel's Memoria is a beautiful educational card-flip remembering game for small children.

I made this game to provide a safe, educational and fun experience for my young son's screen time.

This game features 28 illustrated cards and 3 difficulty settings. The game is totally FREE and contains no ads, in-game purchases or subscriptions.

Marcels' Memoria


My name is Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez and I am an experienced iOS Developer with a strong background in Art and Design.

My education in Graphic Design and New Media combined with over 15 years of experience in Software Development gives me a good overview and insight in the creation of Digital products.

As a technical leader I can communicate effectively with stake holders and break down wishes and ideas into well-grounded feature definitions. I can gather technical requirements and provide well informed feedback during design iterations.

During development I enjoy planning architecture, setting up infrastructure for continuous integration and writing sane code supported by testing and code-review practices to ensure high quality software is delivered to the final phases of QA.

I enjoy working in a team of my peers where an atmosphere of constant research, collaboration and mutual mentoring ensure continuous personal and professional growth.