Flipbook! was the first frame-by-frame online animation toy of its kind and it begun a complete Game genre. For its achievements Flipbook! received the Grand Prize Winner at the Japan Media Arts Festival

A website in which anyone can create a simple animation. After drawing a few lines, they instantly start moving in vivid action. Viewers can enjoy animations registered each and every second from all over the world.

After Flipbook!’s success, a number of physical installations were produced to tour the world on FABRICA’s art exhibitions.

The physical installation adaptation of the popular animation toy Flipbook! was created for the Lex Yeux Ouverts exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of United Colors of Benetton. It consisted of an Interactive pen display running a version of Flipbook! mounted of specially designed furniture. Visitors could sit down and draw animations that would be saved to be displayed online and on big screens in the exhibition space.

The exhibition was originally presented in the Center Pompidou in Paris and later was presented in Lex Yeux Overts in La Triennale di Milano, in Lex Yeux Overts at the Shanghai Art Museum and at the I’ve been waiting for you exhibition at the Triad Gallery in Seoul, Korea.



My name is Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez and I am an experienced iOS Developer with a strong background in Art and Design.

My education in Graphic Design and New Media combined with over 15 years of experience in Software Development gives me a good overview and insight in the creation of Digital products.