03 Jun, 2019

To queue or not to queue, that is the question

To queue or not to queue, that is the question

With over 5000 developers present at the McEnery Convention Center all trying to attend the same events, it is no wonder that standing line becomes a regular part of the day. This was certainly true for Apple's Keynote on Monday June 3rd where people where queuing since the early hours of the morning well before the presentation was scheduled to start at 10:00 AM.

Expectations were high and we there was a lot of speculation about Apple's announcements this year. As a first timer I was unsure about what time I should show up in order to ensure a good seat, but ... was it really worth it? After all, the presentation is streamed live online and even by the most optimistic calculations front row seating is simply impossible since it is reserved for Apple employees.

Should an attendee really start queuing up as early as 4:00 AM braving the worst of the cold in a San Jose morning? Should one really be made to stand for hours enduring endless cheerleading and ushering by the event's staff? What was the alternative anyway? Since a lot of developers come from overseas it is likely that the effects of the subsequent jet-lag were keeping people up at insane hours, so wouldn't it make sense then to let yourself be overtaken by the enthusiasm in the air and indulge in a heavy demonstration of true corporate brand devotion around the mighty Apple logo.

All these questions lead me to look for alternatives and reading posts of my favorite Twitter celebrity developers I came across a different type of tradition: The WWDC no queue breakfast.

Not having to get up at an insane hours? check. The chance to meet some famous folks as well as other standing-in-line-challenged iOS developers? check! Luxurious American style cooking? check. and most importantly: NO QUEUING AND NO CHEERLEADING! CHECK CHECK CHECK!

And so, I decided then to head over to Peggy Sue's where sure enough, a small crowd of around 20 people gathered around 8:00 AM to enjoy friendly chatter and the rare chance of enjoying a true American dinner experience. In all honestly, a queue was inevitable, but this was to order food and it was a welcome moment to ponder over the menu full of fatty comforting breakfast options not really available in other countries of the world.

I had a great time learning about the work of other iOS developers coming from faraway lands. I learned about types of apps that I had never imagined could exist. And the pancakes with bacon were delicious swimming in a pool of actual maple syrup. I even got my #picswithdave celebrity selfie to show the world that I too can rub shoulders with iOS royalty.

After the meal was done, a quick walk took us to the Keynote were the seating was not great. That didn't take away from the enjoyment though. They DO have huge screens where you can follow the action and be excited clapping and cheering like the folks at the front.

Future reader: if you are a first-time attendee or simply never heard of the The WWDC no queue breakfast, I encourage you to sleep in and head over to Peggy Sue's.

For more information go to: danieltull.co.uk/wwdcnoqueue


My name is Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez and I am an experienced iOS Developer with a strong background in Art and Design.

My education in Graphic Design and New Media combined with over 15 years of experience in Software Development gives me a good overview and insight in the creation of Digital products.

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