Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez


Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez


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De of Het


Original conceptGraphic designInteraction designObjective-cSwiftJavaSQL lite

A look up dictionary that teaches the correct usage of articles in the Dutch language.

The bouquet

The bouquet

Csilla Klenyánszki

Interaction designiOSSwift

Interactive application for artist's Csilla Klenyánszki's "Water studies" series

De of Het

Sketch Star


Original conceptGraphic designActionscriptPhpMySQLjavascriptJqueryFacebook appYoutube app

Online animation platform created for and in collaboration with online video game giant Miniclip.com.

Sketch Star’s thriving online community of enthusiastic artists of all ages created over 3’000.000 animations and drawings.

Sketch Star closed down April 8th 2013.



Fabrica, Benetton

Original conceptGraphic designActionscriptPhpMySQLInteractive installationVideo podcast

Flipbook! was the first frame-by-frame online animation toy of its kind and it begun a complete Game genre. For its achievements Flipbook! received the Grand Prize Winner at the Japan Media Arts Festival